Obtaining Volunteer Clearances

Before you begin volunteering with Vetri Community Partnership, by state and federal law, all volunteers who have contact with children must secure clearances and complete a background check. Please follow the steps below:


Visit the Pennsylvania State Police background check website. Select “New Record Check (volunteers only).” On the next page, read and agree to the Terms & Conditions and click “Next”.  On the following page, fill in your personal information.  Please list “Vetri Community Partnership” as your volunteer organization.  Our phone number is 215-600-2630.  On the next page, select “Proceed”; you will then need to enter additional personal information. Click “Enter This Request,” and wait for the page to refresh.  On the new screen, click the blue “View Queued Record Check Requests” link – you do not need to re-enter your information! On the next page, click “Submit” button.  The record will process right away.  Once the status bar is completed, click on the blue link under “Control #”.  On the next page, click the blue “Certification Form” link.  This will open your record in a new window.  In the new window, click on the blue “Save” button.  This should automatically download your record as a pdf file. The saved pdf OR a printed copy must be submitted to Chelsea Schmidt, either at your volunteer orientation session or by email at chelsea@vetricommunity.orgWe also recommend saving a copy for your records.


Visit the PA Child Abuse History Clearance website. On the “Child Welfare Portal,” select “Create Individual Account.” Select “Next” on the following page to begin creating an account. SAVE ALL ACCOUNT INFORMATION  you will need it to access your record!  Create a profile and submit; a temporary password will be emailed to you.  Close the window, and revisit the PA Child Abuse History Clearance website.  This time, select “Individual Login” and on the next page, select “Access My Clearances”. Read the information on the following page and select “Continue” at the bottom. Using the KeystoneID you created and the temporary password from the email, login to your new account. You can then choose to answer your established security questions or receive a security code via email. Select “Start” on either option, and complete the next page. On the follow page, select which type of device you are using (public or private). On the next page, create your own account password and click “Submit”. Click the “Close Window” button, which will bring you back to the login page.  Using the same KeystoneID and your NEW password, log back into your account. Read and agree to the Terms & Conditions, and select “Next”.  On the next page, scroll to the bottom and click “Continue”.  Select “Create Clearance Application”, read the next page, and click “Begin”. For “Application Purpose” be sure to select “Volunteer having contact with children…”.  Enter “Other” under “Volunteer Category” and “Vetri Community Partnership” under “Agency”.  Click “Next”. Complete Part 1 by entering your personal information. Complete Part 2 with an e-signature, and select “No” when asked for an authorization code.  There will be an $8 charge if you have already applied for this clearance in the past 57 months. 

TO ACCESS YOUR RECORD: Return to the PA Child Abuse History Clearance website and select “Individual Login” and then “Access My Clearances”. Under “Status of Submitted Applications” click “View the Result” in the green box.  Your record should automatically be downloaded as a pdf file. The saved pdf OR a printed copy must be submitted to Chelsea Schmidt, either at your volunteer orientation session or by email at chelsea@vetricommunity.org.


Visit the IdentoGO Fingerprinting webpage. In the “Service Code” text box, enter the code 1KG6Y3. This is the code for Dept. of Education volunteers in the state of Pennsylvania. Click “Go”.  On the next page, select “Schedule or Manage Appointment” and agree to the listed acknowledgements.  Click “Next” and fill in your information on the following page. Click “Next” and create a security question and answer on the next page.  SAVE THIS INFORMATION  you will need it to access your record!  Click “Next” and enter your citizenship information.  On the next page, answer the question relating to personal information.  Please select “No” when asked for an Authorization Code.  Move to the next pages and continue to enter your personal information and address.  On the page titled “Documents,” select the form of ID that you would prefer to show at your appointment.  For most, this will be “Commercial Driver’s License issued by a State or outlying possession of the U.S.”  On the next page, enter your zip code to search for a convenient fingerprinting location. Click on the location you’d like to visit, and click the “Next” button listed directly under your location. Choose and date and time, and click “Submit”. We suggest printing the confirmation page for your records.  You will need to pay by credit card at your appointment – the approximate fee is $21.35.  

TO ACCESS YOUR RECORD: visit the IdentoGO Fingerprinting webpage and select “Check the Status of Your Service”.  You will need to enter the same information you provided during registration.  The saved record OR a printed copy must be submitted to Chelsea Schmidt, either at your volunteer orientation session or by email at chelsea@vetricommunity.org.