My Daughter’s Kitchen

My Daughter’s Kitchenis an 8-week after-school cooking program with the simple goal of teaching kids to cook healthy, affordable meals from scratch.  The program is volunteer-taught and teaches students how tuse whole ingredients to prepare dinner for 6 on a modest budget. Each class culminates in a shared, family-style dinner. 

Small classes of five 5th and 6th graders are exposed to a wide range of neingredients, and because they are the ones preparing the food, they’re invested in tasting the results. The 5:2 student-to-adult ratio creates an environment for students to practice teamwork, leadership and self-expression.

Founded by the former food editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer, Maureen Fitzgerald, the program continues to be featured weekly in the paper to a loyal audience. The weekly articles share the week’s recipes, the students’ reactions, and the lessons learned with the Inquirer’s 300,000 subscribers and millions of online readers at An archive of the articles can be found here.

The Future of My Daugher’s Kitchen