As an organization committed to public health and justice, it is our duty to stand in solidarity with our Black employees, partners, teachers, students, parents and community members. We ask everyone involved in our organization, both internally and externally, to commit themselves to education and anti-racism.  

Racism is a public health crisis.  If lives are continuously being cut short by violence, disease, and poverty because of skin color, our mission to educate and empower our community to lead healthy lives is meaningless. We are committed to the intentional work of anti-racism and will be actively listening, learning, and unlearning to do our part to dismantle the most pervasive and deep-rooted threat to our community. Our education philosophy is rooted in building knowledge and skills, growing confidence, and ensuring respect — we will approach our own education with these same tenets. 

We will turn the magnifying glass on our organization, history, and leadership by holding white leaders accountable for their privilege. 

We will continue to support, promote, and empower the work of our internal Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee, CARES (Collaboration, Action, Respect, Equity, and Sensitivity). 

We will create, implement, and prioritize a racial equity strategic plan based on learnings from an independent Diversity, Equity & Inclusion audit with guidance from our CARES Committee. 

We will engage in crucial conversations and amplify voices that have been marginalized or silenced.  

We will be vulnerable, empathetic, thoughtful, and passionate in our commitment to issues of organizational and societal justice.  

We will ensure that our mission, partnerships, and programs are guided by continued organizational learning with a keen focus on cultural competency, combating bias, and anti-racism. 

We will try harder and do better. Let’s get to work.