Meet Vicki Mines!

Although Vicki has been a part of the VCP team for two years, her experience with nutrition education runs deep. After graduating from La Salle in 2017, Vicki’s career in nutrition took off. While working as a camp director at Belfield Recreation Center, Vicki started her business, Best Life Ever Nutrition Services. Every summer since 2020, Vicki partners with Ms. Gloria Page at Brewerytown Garden to facilitate nutrition education and garden workshops for kids and adults. She also plants and maintains Belfield Recreation Center’s community garden with the help of the kids in the after school and camp programs. Though school and starting a business were hard, Vicki said that she had felt like she was living her best life while pursuing her passion.

It was at this point in Vicki’s career that she had taught her first 6-week nutrition education course, A Taste of African Heritage at Belfield. After two years of working at WIC, Vicki would return to La Salle to pursue her master’s in public health, where she was very involved in helping set up and run a food pantry for students. Because so many students on campus were food insecure, this was life changing for many. Up until the pandemic, Vicki was the Food Security Coordinator at La Salle.

Vicki at Belfield
Vicki is now a part-time Community Educator at Vetri Community Partnership while running her business, BLE Nutrition. She has partnered with several non-profit organizations for community events. She is currently on the board of Belfield Rec. Center Advisory Board where she also teaches classes at the rec center for adults and children. She has also participated in Senator Vince Hughes’s Senior Harvest Fest at School of the Future. In 2022, she received the Brighter Futures Social Award of Excellence.