Jamie’s daughter, Raya

Vetri Community Partnership’s SNAP-Ed educator, Jamie, is bringing the magic of Vetri Cooking Lab into her home! Recently, she taught her son, Wes, and daughter, Raya, the popular “Eat the Rainbow” lesson, which includes making vibrant Rainbow Sushi.

Jamie’s son, Wes with Rainbow Sushi

“Working as both a Vetri Cooking Lab Educator and now with the SNAP-Ed program has inspired me to slow down and cook with my own kids whenever we can. It’s wonderful to see them try new foods, and the casual conversations we have while cooking together are priceless,” Jamie shared. Her family loves the Rainbow Sushi so much that it has become a staple in their home, alongside other cherished recipes like Italian pizzelles in the winter, Wes’s favorite spinach and cheese lasagna, and homemade pumpkin pie from farm-picked pumpkins with Raya. “My goal is to cook together more often. Like most families, we’re constantly busy with various activities, but our times in the kitchen are some of my favorite moments!”

Jamie and Wes during a SNAP-Ed lesson

Wes and Raya also enjoy SNAP-Ed lessons during their school day, where Jamie is their educator. “Not only do I get hugs in the hallway, but sharing my love of food and cooking with Wes, Raya, and their classmates has been truly wonderful!”

Jamie’s experience with Vetri Cooking Lab and SNAP-Ed is a great example of how cooking together can foster family bonding and lifelong memories. By integrating these lessons into her home, Jamie is not only teaching her kids culinary skills and boosting their nutritional knowledge, she’s creating family traditions while building their confidence in the kitchen. As Jamie continues to inspire her students at home and in the classroom, she embodies the mission of Vetri Community Partnership: nourishing minds, bodies, and communities with nutrition education through cooking!