Say hello to Erika, our new Vetri Cooking Lab Coordinator and one of our newest staff members here at VCP! In this brand new role, she will be helping to grow and manage the Vetri Cooking Lab program, especially through site coordination and logistics.  

To help you get to know her on a more personal level, we sat down with Erika to ask her a few questions as a part of a #VCPeople Q&A:  

Q: So what did you do before you came to Vetri Community Partnership, Erika?  

Erika: Well right now I’m a Registered Dietician to-be going to school part-time at Rutgers. Beyond that, my background is in Nutrition & Dietetics. I’ve worked with youth all my life and had various experiences with other nutrition-related nonprofits during my college career.  

Q: Given it seems like you’ve had lots of experiences with other non-profits, what specifically draws you to the work of VCP? 

Erika: My passions in life are people (especially youth), wellness promotion, food and nutrition, science, and the local Philadelphia community. So when I found VCP it was like finding the intersection of all the things in life that I love! How could you beat that? 

Q: It sounds like you’re excited to be in this role! What do you hope to accomplish in your work here at VCP? 

Erika: My main goal is to help even more of our neighbors get the opportunity to fall in love with food and cooking like I have! I think VCP has made an incredible impact, but there is always room for more growth. I hope to be able to get creative with new ways to see our mission continue to blossom!  

Q: So other than exploring your love of food and cooking, what do you like to do in your free time?  

Erika: I’m usually pretty busy with school and work, but other than that I love yoga and spinning, spending time with my daughter and my friends, trying new local food spots, and rooting for the Eagles! 

Q: Alright we just have one final question – if you were a fruit or a veggie what would you be and why?  

Erika: Oh, wow! Let’s see, if I were a vegetable I’d be Brussels sprouts. I’m not sure why, maybe just because I’m craving them right now, ha! And if I were a fruit, I’d be… A PINEAPPLE! Mostly because their leaves remind me of my crazy hair.  

If you see Erika around at one of your schools, be sure to stop and say hello!