Meet Maddy, Vetri Community Partnership’s COO and Interim CEO!
To help you get to know Maddy as she takes on her latest role(s), we sat down with her to to ask her a few quick questions as a part of a #VCPeople Series.


For those that have not had the pleasure of working with you, could you talk a little about how you got your start with VCP?

When I moved back to Philly from the UK, I worked as a server at the first Pizzeria Vetri.  In November of 2014, I started at Vetri Community Partnership as an Assistant Program Coordinator supporting our program teams and teaching a program called Culinary Classrooms in schools across Philadelphia. From there, I was a Coordinator, a Manager, and a Director of our Education Programs with responsibilities ranging from program and curriculum development and implementation, strategy, evaluation, to leadership. Having experience working on direct service up to strategic design, I feel like I’ve held almost every role at VCP!

What about VCP are you most proud to be a part of?

We have come a long way in refining our programs and have grown into an ambitious and organized team offering high-quality, thoughtful, and effective culinary nutrition experiences to our community.

Who would you choose to be your life mentor, and why?

Michelle Obama for her wisdom, strength, and to remind me to remain kind especially through hard times.

What school or community activity was your favorite growing up?

From a young age through my college years, I spent all of my extra time playing sports – soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. I do think that I missed my calling by not participating in musicals, but there’s still time.

What’s your real-life super power (talent)?

Remembering random and (mostly) useless facts. I’m not sure trivia and crossword puzzles are a super power, but maybe they’ll translate to the Jeopardy quiz one day…