MSA Eatiquette Kickoff 11052015 (3)In celebration of the opening of Pizzeria Vetri in the city of Austin, the Vetri Family Restaurants and Vetri Community Partnership are announcing four $2,500 grants to be offered to schools in the Austin, Texas school system.

Founded in 2008 by Chef Marc Vetri and restauranteur Jeff Benjamin (also founders of the Vetri Family Restaurants), the Vetri Community Partnership empowers children and families to lead healthy lives through fresh food, hands-on experiences and education. Today, its school lunch program, after-school programs, culinary arts training programs and summer programs serve more than 5,900 students at 45 schools in the Philadelphia area.

This series of $2,500 grants are to be used by schools in Austin, Texas to either improve the food served in the school cafeteria or to make changes or improvements to the physical space in the cafeteria.

Here are some examples:

Incorporating scratch-made recipes or scratch cooking to the menu offerings in your school that Vetri Community Partnership can provide.
Adding round tables and chairs to the cafeteria
Basic cafeteria improvements such as small wares- re-usable utensils, plates, tumblers, water pitchers
Adding a salad bar or other nutritionally advantageous menu items
Basic improvement of the environment. For example, paint, murals, sound system, etc.
Adding an afterschool cooking club/class (curriculum and guidance could be provided)
Something we haven’t thought of. Please be original! We would love to hear your ideas about what would enhance the student dining experience in your cafeteria.

Grantees will participate in reporting, data collection, and conference calls with grant manager through-out the grant year. Expenses, receipts, photos, and grant reports will be submitted to grant manager throughout the course of the grant.

Letters of Intent to apply on January 25, 2016.  After reviewing your grant application, we will invite top contenders to submit a grant application, by February 15, 2016. Grant applications will be due on February 28, 2016.

All questions should be sent to Jennifer Wheeler, Director of Programs at the Vetri Community Partnership at

Click here for more details regarding the grants – Austin Grant Announcement and Details