We’ve got BIG NEWS to share! 

Vetri Community Partnership is THRILLED to announce that our Chief Operating Officer and Interim CEO, Maddy Booth, has been voted by our board to become our new permanent CEO.

Maddy has been a valued member and leader here at Vetri Community Partnership since 2014. We could not be more excited to have her lead our team into a very promising future.

Learn more about our new CEO:

Is there a defining moment in your career that led you to VCP? How’d you get to us?

When I moved back to Philly from the UK, I worked as a server at the first Pizzeria Vetri for its first year. The rest is history!

What’s an interest that you could go on and on about?

Fortunately, it relates to my job: I will happily talk about food at length. From growing and learning to forage to exploring food cultures from around the world and supporting local Philadelphia restaurants, food is central to everything.

Who would you choose (current or historical!) to be your life mentor, and why?

Michelle Obama for her wisdom, strength, and to remind me to remain kind especially through hard times.

What school or community activity was your favorite growing up?

From a young age through my college years, I spent all of my extra time playing sports – soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. I do think that I missed my calling by not participating in musicals, but there’s still time.