Every semester of Vetri Cooking Lab ends with a special family-style meal. Students are allowed to invite a guest to the meal, most often a parent or caregiver. The final lesson — that food is something that brings people together — is a great way for students to recap the semester and share their new skills with their friends and family.

This semester, our students made chicken fajitas with rice & beans, pico de gallo, and chocolate-dipped fruit. Students are always so proud to serve the meal they prepared and their guests are always impressed by the results.

As they enjoy the meal, many students reflect on what they’ve learned. Here’s some of what students were saying this semester:

  • “I will definitely be cooking this summer!” – Shane
  • “My favorite thing about cooking class was when I learned new things.” – Julia
  • “A few things that I like about cooking class is you meet new people, you get to make great food, you get to help people.” – Alexis
  • “I like Vetri Cooking Lab because you get to cook things that you never cooked before. There is also a lot of people there to help you. The food is very delicious and most people agree with that.” – Israel
  • “Dish washing was my favorite, and I was good at it!” – Michael
  • “I learned to cook dinner for my family.” – Kiera