Resources and Curriculum

Our educators use evidence-based resources, approved for use by PA SNAP-Ed partners across the state. We promote the resources below that align with the collective impact and mission of PA SNAP-Ed.

For School Leaders

Action for Healthier Kids

Create a profile and complete the School Health Index assessment. Click here to get started making healthy choices the easy choice at your school!

Community and Family Resources

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)

This site connects PA visitors with the resources they need to determine their SNAP eligibility and answer common questions about this federal assistance program. Click this link to learn more. If you need help with an application for SNAP Benefits or want to apply over the phone complete this form on the Coalition Against Hunger website.

Have a Plant

Look up new recipes or take the Have a Plant Pledge. This resource will jump start your healthy lifestyle journey and encourage you to share with family and friends.

PA Nutrition Education Network

Find ways to encourage healthy habits for your family! The resources you find here are intended to help families looking to make smart food choices on a budget throughout the Commonwealth at Pennsylvania’s Nutrition Education Network website. Take a look!

A Taste of African Heritage

VCP Educators are proud to present these nutrition education sessions to parents and caregivers this year. Oldways encourages participants to share and their inherited food ways and to connect through shared experiences.  Educators and participants are engaged in trying new whole ingredients and flavors inspired by African food traditions. This 6-week cooking curriculum teaches history, nutrition, and cooking techniques that reconnect participants with the vibrant, healthy traditions of the African Diaspora. Find more information about this Boston based organization here. 

Just Say Yes

These short, informative sessions include a recipe demo or movement break that highlights key SNAP-Ed messages like including more fruits and veggies in your diet, washing fresh produce and staying active. Learn about JSY, a provider for SNAP-Ed in New York.

For our Students

Cooking with Kids

The Cooking with Kids curriculum provides hands-on opportunities for students to practice essential literacy and math skills. Supplemental activities are aligned with standards in Health, Science, Mathematics, and English Language Arts & Literacy. Right now, their website is hosting how-to videos for students who want to learn the skills they need to cook at home (Available in English and Spanish). Our educators follow the Cooking with Kids curriculum in the classroom here in Philadelphia.

School Gardens

Our educators work with our school partners to start, reinvigorate and maintain school gardens. School gardens are a great opportunity for physical activity and can encourage students and families to get more fruits and vegetables in their diet by growing food! Here are some creative solutions to growing your own food indoors or even from leftover food scraps.

Physical Activity

We want our school communities to stay active this year. That’s why we talk to faculty and administrators about movement breaks, or short activity sessions during the school day that get students our of their chairs to stretch, play and get their bodies moving. For suggestions that will add  more movement and more fun in your day, check out the Game Library from Playworks.


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