Our Mobile Teaching Kitchen has had quite a busy year! One of the most exciting additions includes the purchasing of another vehicle, adding to our fleet of now three. This new Mobile Teaching Kitchen “Mini” is a smaller version of our current trucks, which allows us to more efficiently reach our program partners to deliver indoor programming such as workshops and demos without all of the bulk of the full sized trucks.

With the help of all three of our trucks, MTK made over 250 visits between September and May, delivering over 1,800 hours of nutrition education to over 10,000 participants throughout the Philly and Camden region. Doing this was a tremendous team effort which required all hands on deck and the addition of one new full-time and three new part-time MTK staff members, as well as the help of our many volunteers.

This Summer we have over 100 more visits scheduled where we hope to help inspire a love of food and cooking within children and adults across Philadelphia and Camden. Look for #VetriOnWheels on our social media, especially on MTK Monday, to see where the truck will be next!